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A man sits in contemplation.
BY March 1, 2017

What might we make space for if we gave up our indignation, even if just for a moment? A historical and philosophical inquiry into the roots of this social moment.

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BY February 22, 2017

On the approach to his 78th birthday, Parker offers up a gift: six learnings that prove that our personal evolution spans the whole length of life, and continues in the generations we nurture forward.

BY February 21, 2017

What if we considered our nation not as factions at war, but as members of a strained and troubled family? A look through the lens of the three stories that broken families tell — and what that marginalized, third story reveals about the echo chambers we’ve been called to step out of.

BY February 20, 2017

Faced with scatteredness of mind, body, and spirit, Omid Safi offers a balm: the prayer of the heart.

BY February 18, 2017

Our editor in chief details heartening stories of youth orchestras performing on the U.S.-Mexico border, brilliant hand-illustrated data visualizations by W.E.B. Du Bois, and commentaries on love, resistance, and hope in the face of hardship featuring Parker Palmer, Courtney Martin, and Omid Safi.

BY February 17, 2017

Whether to have children is one of the most life-defining decisions we will make. And there is joy and meaning to be found on either path — as well as endless challenges and frustration. Courtney Martin on why the best place to turn for guidance is inward.

American singer, acclaimed actor of stage and screen, political activist, and civil rights campaigner Paul Robeson (1898 - 1976), rehearses at the piano.
BY February 16, 2017

What lines might we dare to cross, and what songs might we hear, that can deepen our days? Paul Robeson is known and loved for his powerful voice and screen presence. But less known are the struggles he faced as a civil rights activist during McCarthyism — which branded him a communist and prohibited him from traveling to perform for his fans across the globe. His story sparks a poetic ode from Naomi Shihab Nye, and a bracing question for our time.

BY February 15, 2017

Life’s tragedies can make the road ahead seem like a barren vista. But our losses can also clear space for courageous new beginnings.

BY February 13, 2017

The stories we tell about love and life are the root of dreams and frustration, alike. Sharon Salzberg on how “unstitching and reweaving” the narratives we hold can lead to a more generous understanding of our relationships, and ourselves.

BY February 11, 2017

Prescient words from Parker Palmer, Omid Safi, Courtney E. Martin, Broderick Greer, and recommended listens/reads from Tim Ferriss and The Economist.

BY February 10, 2017

Anger can be a powerful motivator. But we must also remember to build something bolder on the foundation of expansive love.

BY February 9, 2017

A Muslim man reflects on the pain of citizenship in this moment and the fragile hope he holds from the nation he and his loved ones call home.

BY February 8, 2017

Animated by solitude in the winter woods, Parker J. Palmer on seeing the hidden and potential beauty beneath what’s superficial in the world we face.

BY February 7, 2017

A writer turns away from what’s toxic on social media and chooses self-care in this cultural moment.

BY February 5, 2017

Poetry to soothe, ruminations on the balance of faith and history, and an invitation to gather around the table to listen and to be heard.

BY February 4, 2017

A deep inquiry into Trump’s immigration ban, and its subversion of the American ideals we’re called to embody.

BY February 3, 2017

Are we unconsciously selective about the causes we mobilize for? Courtney Martin asks the uncomfortable question: when do we choose to show up, and for whom?

BY February 1, 2017

A robust hope can be found in the work and life of Langston Hughes, infused with a visionary love for words and the world.

BY February 1, 2017

Our dreams can be great motivators. But what if what we aspire to is already within our grasp? A poem on letting go of the stress of ambition and embracing our innate potential.

BY January 30, 2017

The biblical song of an exiled mother carries a daring “punk-rock” message of resistance.

BY January 27, 2017

The struggle for soul in education and patriotism, the joy of marching in step, and reckoning with the legacy of our nation’s heroes and history.

BY & Louise Dunlap January 27, 2017

Courtney shares the practical insight of a wise elder — on the tumultuous history we’ve lived through, and the work we must do to shape our future differently.

BY January 26, 2017

The aspirational ideals of our nation call us to embody compassion toward the stranger, and those whom others might cast out.

BY January 21, 2017

On finding love, teaching our children, and having gratitude for the simple things — words and music to help us seek out the best in ourselves and our neighbors.

A girl dances to the beat of a drum line during a protest after the funeral of Freddie Gray, on April 28, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.
BY January 20, 2017

Ahead of the Women’s March, Courtney Martin with a call to hit the streets and a vision of peaceful protest enlivened by joy and courageous togetherness.

BY January 19, 2017

Channeling Dr. King, Omid Safi examines where our nation stands on the long journey toward justice.